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Getting Ready for Summer 2017

From public green spaces for Wimbledon to garden make overs, we get ready for a classic British summer.

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The weather in June which saw soaring temperatures and pouring rain caused us some issues with installs progressing well while the sun shone and being delayed due to the rain.

In between the rain showers we undertook a complete garden makeover, removing an old wall, over grown shrubs and a tired and patchy grass lawn.  We replaced them with a composite decking area outside the conservatory, an Indian stone patio and a luxury artificial lawn.  A double sided feathered edge fence was erected along the boundary, once more enclosing the garden. 

Indian stone patio to match existing

Gaz had to climb over once he had nailed the last board in place to escape.

Fencing puts the finishing touches to a garden

Just in time for Wimbledon fortnight, we laid a lawn in Millennium Square with picnic benches for Leeds City Council to erect a fence round.  They also provided a large screen TV to watch the tennis and a Pimms marque to quench your thirst.  The lawn was laid over the weekend by our dedicated team, who look suitable pleased with themselves. Those creative people at Link Communication bought some of our Merrion grass and covered bikes to serve ice-cream and refreshments.

Unusual but effective use for artificial grass

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