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Summer 2017 Update

Catch up with what we have been working on this summer.

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As we approach autumn, we are trying to make maintaining your artificial lawns a whole lot easier.  We have recently become stockists for a fantastic tool, an electric power brush. It is fabulous at keeping your lawn in tip top condition and easy to use, as you can see here in our video.

Please call in at our showroom for a demonstration to see just how easy it is to use and how great your grass will look after - no effort at all.

Power brush and artificial lawn products to keep you garden in tip top shape

Not only do we have the power brush to keep your lawn looking lovely, but also can provide all those little products to keep your lawn in pristine condition and even a few to pamper it.  We have everything you need, water based weed killer, a fungicide specially formulated for artificial lawns and even a fragrance of cut grass in case you are missing that just mown aroma.

If your real grass was prone to a build-up of moss, this may happen with your artificial grass as well.  It is could just be the aspect of your garden and isn’t a fault with the grass.  Applying the fungicide and regular brushing regularly will help prevent the moss building up.  Have a look at our maintenance page on the website or feel free to give us a call or visit the showroom if you would like further advice on how to keep you lawns looking lovely throughout the coming months.

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