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Make Your Garden More Wheelchair Friendly with Artificial Grass

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A natural lawn can be unsuitable and sometimes even dangerous for wheelchair users, especially in the cold and wet winter months. They aren’t designed for ease in access and maintenance – it can be extremely difficult to manoeuvre on when wet grass and it frequently needs to be looked after.

An artificial lawn can eradicate these difficulties.

Highly durable and easily maintainable, an artificial lawn can be enjoyed all year round by wheelchair users. Its self-drainage system means it’s hardly ever damp, even after the heaviest of downpours, allowing ease of access. This eradicates the danger of getting a wheel stuck or trailing mud everywhere.

No more worrying over cutting the grass or leaving marks on the lawn.











As shown in the photo, a garden can be designed with wheelchair access in mind. The ramp built up to the back door provides complete ease of access, with no worries of mess. Its smooth surface also makes moving across it easier and means there are no obstructions.

Artificial grass can be a great alternative for wheelchair users who wish to enjoy their garden all year round.

Easy access. No Mess. Hassle-free.

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