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The Creative Things You Can Do with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be used as more than just a surface in the back garden...

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Artificial grass can be used for more than just a surface in the garden! There are many innovative things that you can do with it to add that little extra touch of creativity. Here are a few examples…

Grass Wall:

Not only can artificial grass be placed on the ground, but also on walls. Here at Eternal Lawns we have artificial grass installed on the outside walls of our showroom, to give it a neat and stylish appearance.

Grass Statues:

Artificial grass can be used to create some really cute statues. For Easter, we stocked a range of artificial grass bunnies and little ducks, which proved to be rather popular, especially with little children. We’ve also stocked many other cute statues, including artificial grass owls. They can add the perfect little touch to any room or garden.

Indoor Play Area:

Artificial grass is the perfect surface for children to play on. As well as outdoor play areas, we have also installed indoor ones. Here we installed our grass into this new café specifically designed for parents and young children. It created a soft and durable surface for the children to safely play on and perfectly complimented the woodlands design.

Grass Furniture:

If you’re feeling bold and creative, why not try artificial grass furniture. With the right design, this could look very innovative and niche. Here at our Eternal Lawns showroom we have an artificial grass armchair.

Indoor Showroom:

Here is another of our indoor installs where our artificial grass has been the perfect addition to create a professional and sleek showroom.

Replacement Decking:

If you’re sick of the dull appearance and slippy surface of decking, one solution is to replace it with artificial grass. As demonstrated in the pictures, artificial grass can have the perfect brightening effect on any foundation or balcony and its drainage system eliminates the risk of slipping.


Artifical grass is extremelly versatile and can be used for a variety of creative designs and to solve common issues. 

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