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Beat Hay Fever with Artificial Grass

Allergic to grass pollen but want to enjoy your garden this summer? Artificial grass is the perfect solution...

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Hay fever is a common problem and affects many who want to be out and about during the spring and summer months. According to the BBC, around 9 million people in the UK struggle to cope with hay fever.

In the Met Office Hay Fever calendar, it details that hay fever symptoms between May and August are likely due to grass pollens. One way to help this problem is to avoid grassed areas, have someone else mow your back garden lawn and to take allergy tablets.

But there is a simpler solution – artificial grass!

By having artificial grass installed, you can enjoy your garden in the warm weather without worrying about symptoms of hay fever. Sit outside, enjoy the fresh air, sunbathe and have a BBQ with friends and family. It’s all possible for those affected by grass pollen with artificial grass installed.

Pets and Hay Fever:

It’s not only humans who can be affected by hay fever, pets can be too.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if they are suffering, but the main symptoms include weeping or inflamed red eyes and frequent grooming or scratching.

This simplest solution to this problem, that avoids having to get allergy tablets from the vets, is to have artificial grass installed. Artificial grass is pet friendly and can minimise your pets suffering during the warm, summer months.

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