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Do's and Don'ts with your Artificial Lawn

A few tips to ensure your artificial lawn remains in perfect condition.

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1. Enjoy, relax and play on your artificial lawn

Your artificial lawn is there for you to enjoy. Make the most of any sunny weather in your garden!

2. Use it as a base for play equipment and furniture

Artificial grass is soft and durable, making it the perfect base for any play equipment or garden furniture

3. Allow your pets to use it

Artificial grass is pet friendly and they seem to love it to! It is durable and therefore difficult for them to damage. Any stains they make can be easily cleaned.

4. Remove any weeds and spray with weed-killer

When left to Mother Nature, on the odd occasion weeds may begin to grow in or around your artificial lawn. Pull any weeds out that do grow. To prevent this growth, we suggest spraying a water based weed killing agent every so often on your artificial lawn.

5. Remove any debris & hose down any stains

Any debris such as leaves can easily be removed from your artificial lawn. If a stain is made, use a hose or a bucket of soapy water to remove them.



1. Have barbecues, bonfires or fireworks on the lawn

Remember artificial grass is plastic. Like all plastics, it will begin to melt if it comes into contact with something extremely hot.

2. Leave pet waste on it

Leaving pet waste on your lawn for an extended period of time can lead to staining.

3. Drop chewing gum or cigarette buds on it

Chewing gum can get easily stuck to artificial grass and cigarette buds may cause parts of it to melt.  

4. Pull out strands of the grass

Remember, an artificial lawn doesn’t grow back! Though it is difficult to do, pulling out strands of grass can lead to bald patches.

5. Use hot machinery such as hedgetrimmers

Again, hot machinery can lead to melting.

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