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Top 5 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Kids

Artificial grass is the perfect surface for all the family. Here are our reasons why...

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Artificial grass is the perfect surface for families. Whether your building a play area or just looking to have artificial grass installed in your garden, here are our top 5 reasons why artificial grass if perfect for kids:

1. Soft & Durable

Artificial grass is durable enough so it isn’t warn down like a natural lawn is from playing on it. It’s also softer than a natural lawn and an underlay can be installed beneath to make it safe for play equipment.

2. No More Grass Stains

An artificial lawn will never stain your kids clothes or shoes!

3. Dries Quickly

Even after a heavy downpour, an artificial lawn dries far quicker than a natural one. This means no muddy footprints or mucky mess!

4. Play All Year Round

An artificial lawn can be enjoyed all year round without the worry of mud or a slippery surface.

5. Good Base for Equipment

Artificial grass is durable and won’t be forever damaged by any equipment placed on top of it.

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