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Artificial Grass Is Perfect For Pets

Maintaining a natural lawn that pets use can be very difficult. From scratching to digging, bald spots in the grass and muddy paw prints, it can be challenging to keep a natural lawn looking perfect. Artificial grass is the perfect solution to these challenges and pets love it too! Many of our customers have decided to switch to artificial grass because it is far more practical and easy to maintain with pets.

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So here are our reasons why artificial grass is perfect for pets…


  • Pets love it!

Dogs can still run around and do their business in the same way as they would on a natural lawn, whilst for cats it is the perfect warm and soft surface to stretch out and relax on. The only difference is that there will no longer be any bald patches from digging or the grass dying.


  • Low Maintenance

No more battles against bald patches in the lawn or filling in holes. An artificial lawn will look perfect all-year-round, as a pet can’t damage it easily. The only maintenance work needed is to clear any pet droppings and to wash it with water every so often to prevent any odour. 


  • No Muddy Mess

No more muddy paws on those rainy days! Artificial grass dries faster than a natural lawn and there’s no mud involved, so no cleaning needed when the pet comes back inside.


  • Perfect Playing Area

Artificial grass is super soft underfoot and is very durable, so for dogs especially it is the perfect play area! No matter the weather or time of year, the dog can play in the garden without any worry of mess. 

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