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Making the Most of Your Artificial Lawn This Summer

We may be spending more time in our gardens this summer than ever before. Here are a few fun ideas to make the most out of the British sun and your artificial lawn...

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The sun is out and summer is almost here! We’ll all likely be spending more time in our gardens this summer trying to enjoy the British sun while we can. So here are a few fun ideas to do in the garden to make the most of your artificial lawn…

1. Have a Picnic/Barbecue

Cook some hot dogs and burgers, put on some music and sit and enjoy the sun with your household. Or get out a blanket and make some picnic food – maybe even add a glass of champagne! An artificial lawn is the perfect, soft surface to sit or lay down on whilst eating some food. It is also the perfect durable surface for garden furniture if you’d rather sit on a chair.

2. Sports Games

An artificial lawn is the perfect surface to play games on. Whether that be a game of football, rounders or a simple game of throw and catch. There’ll also be no mud or grass stains to clean up after!

3. Playtime with Pets

Pets want to enjoy the sun too! Whilst your cat can lay and enjoy the sun on your soft, artificial lawn, dogs can get some exercise. Play a game of fetch or chase them round the garden. If you have one, maybe even make them a little paddling pool to cool down in.

4. Gardening

Having an artificial lawn doesn’t mean you can’t have fun gardening! Why not grow some plants, either in a plant pot or around the edges of your artificial lawn? You could even make a little vegetable patch and try and grow your own favourite veggies.

5. Just Sit and Relax!

If that all sounds like too much work, then just use your artificial lawn to sit, relax and enjoy the sun. Sunbathe on the soft surface or a sunbed, read a book or have a drink.


An artificial lawn is the perfect finishing touch so that you can enjoy your garden this summer.

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