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Winter is Coming: The Benefits of an Artificial Lawn in Winter

Here are five benefits of having an artificial lawn in winter…

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A natural lawn and winter don’t go well together. It’s difficult to maintain, it can become a muddy mess and it can’t be used as often. Installing an artificial lawn can eliminate these issues, so here are five benefits to having an artificial lawn this winter…

1. Low Maintenance

Although a natural lawn doesn’t need cutting as often in the winter, it’s still a job that needs to be done. The increase in rain fall and the cold weather might also make the lawn into a muddy mess. Whereas an artificial lawn requires almost no maintenance.

No more mowing your lawn or laying down grass feeder! An artificial grass only needs to be brushed up and washed with a hose pipe every so often and have any debris removed from it.

2. Green All Year Round

As an artificial lawn isn’t damaged by cold and wet weather, it will look perfectly green all year round. No more grass feeder or pesticides to revive the grass from the winter months!

3. Mud Free

Artificial grass is perfect for draining rain and moisture away. Unlike a natural lawn, the rain won’t pool on the grass or make a muddy mess. This means the artificial grass can be used all year round, in all weathers, with no fear of damaging it or dragging muddy footprints inside. Perfect for kids and pets!

4. Play Outside

Artificial grass can be used all year round no matter the weather. So kids no longer have to wait until spring to play outside again and your pets can enjoy the garden even in the winter.

5. Sports

As an artificial lawn is mud free, it means sports such as football can be played on it all year round. It’s also not as slippy as a natural lawn, so there’s even less chance of any injury. An artificial lawn is perfect for those who want to play sport in their garden all year round.


If you’re considering having an artificial lawn installed this winter, then please get in touch and we can book you in for a free, no obligation survey at your earliest convenience.

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