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A new surface to brighten up a roof terrace

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If you have a roof terrace that needs brightening up, artificial grass is the perfect solution.  Not only is it easy to fit, low maintenance but it is much nicer to sit on and look at.  We recommend our 40mm Excellence artificial grass due to its feel and density when fitted direct to the floor.  The 40mm Excellence artificial grass will negate any requirement for underlay due to its thickness and density of the pile.

Roof Terrace 40mm Excellence

If, like in the example shown here, the surface is sealed, the grass is attached to the roof by means of an adhesive specially formulated for artificial grass.  Once the grass has been power brushed to lift the pile, a top dressing of kiln dried sand, 5kg per m2, is added.  The sand also helps to weigh the grass down as well as protecting the pile and helping to keep the pile upright.  

The happy customer reports that the grass has already had plenty of use and has given it a big ‘thumbs up’

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