Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass good for pet owners’?

Any of our grasses are perfect for dog and pet owners.  Many of our products have been installed in many gardens with dogs and customer comments have been very positive.  The kiln dried sand filling in the artificial grass protect the pile from damage by dog claws.

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Yes.  All our grasses are lovely and soft, ideal for children and pets.  The children can play ball games, bounce on the trampoline, the dogs can run around chasing the ball or their tails and roll all over without causing a mud bath.

What maintenance is required for an artificial lawn?

For dog mess, remove the bulk of the mess and wash with a propriety cleaning product or disinfectant, following the manufacturers’ instructions. Alternatively warm soapy water and a medium bristle brush is adequate for a shorter pile grass.

Leaves should be removed by blower, brushing or a light rake.

To prevent weeds or moss forming, regular applications of a moss and weed killer agent which must be water-based, we stock these at our showroom.

How long will my artificial lawn last?

It is estimated that a well maintained artificial lawn will last 15-20 years through normal use.  Our artificial grasses are fully UV stabilised and will not show signs of fading until approximately 15 years.

How long does it take to install an artificial lawn?

Depending on site conditions we usually install a regular sized lawn (40-60m2) in just one day. Bigger gardens or those that that require significant groundwork and preparation will take 2-3 days, possibly more.

Is there anything I can't do on my artificial lawn?

No glass or other sharp objects. These can cause injury to others if left on the lawn and also damage the surface.

No smoking, bonfires or fireworks. Extremely hot items will obviously melt the pile surface and permanently damage the lawn.

No chewing gum or adhesives.

Can I have a BBQ on my lawn?

As a precaution, we would recommend placing the BBQ on top of slabs or bricks, even on a sand filled lawn.

Are artificial lawns cheaper than a natural lawn?

Yes, over a 5 – 10 year period.  If you were to add up the cost of two lawnmowers, mowing, watering, feeding, moss and weed treatments and (in many cases) re-turfing, an Eternal Lawns is a cheaper alternative.  If you add in your time saved by omitting these tasks, the reduced garden waste and no petrol, an artificial lawn is a no brainer.

How does it drain?

The grass has a holed latex backing that allows drainage to the granite ash and hardcore sub bases.

How much does the installation of artificial grass cost?

The groundwork preparation and the installation of artificial grass depend on local circumstance such as the access, what the artificial grass is replacing and any edging requirements. Eternal Lawns will gladly visit your project, survey the site and prepare a free, no obligations quotation covering all costs.

Can I join the artificial grass together?

Yes, you just need to make sure the pile runs in the same direction and you will need to use special tape and adhesive, which can supply, to join the grasses together for a permanent and unnoticeable fix.

Can moles damage synthetic grass?

The back of the mat consists of a firm latex fabric, so the moles do not have a chance to damage it.

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